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Edit any picture and digital photo with th easy-to-use, powerful and professional features of this software

Edit any picture and digital photo with th easy-to-use, powerful and professional features of this software

Focus Photoeditor is a professional solution for digital photographers, and photo-editors of any level that want their pictures easily and quickly adjusted, enhanced and printed and also provides ways to share them with a customizable web- album. The program lets you modify your digital pictures, raw and jpeg files and many other formats, with powerful and precise tools, with automatic and manual adjustments and with the quick-fix wizard that enables any beginner to start their editing with a comfortable learning curve.

Advanced tools include: Total Exposure and Color Control over your pictures, finely tuned algorithm, instant histogram checking for most regulations and manipulations, Filters, Selections, Layers, Objects.

Full compatibility with many standards, importing objects and layers from psd or png with alpha channel, many retouch tools, warp tool, object stamp tool, textures and patterns, painting and drawing. Photoshop Plugins are also supported.

The program is suited for both advanced users and beginners. Some tools are for expert use but a good amount of features can be instantly used by anyone. Beside being a photo-editor It can be used as a web editor of images.

Focus Photoeditorwas developed with the idea of being powerful and easy-to-use at the same time, it is built around the concept that the user of an image editing application should force the program to work the way he / she likes and not the other way around. Many competitor softwares are just clones of photoshop, Focus Photoeditor has its unique stand in the field for the precision of the tools. For example it's the only software that lets you position layers at the pixel with numerical edits.

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    strong but ugly. very good program with interesting functions but with an orrible and confusing interface, its author must work heavelyMore